Hilaria and Alec Baldwin Welcome Sixth Child Together

Mar 19, 2021James Montalvo

The Baldwin family pretty much sums up what one would call Hollywood royalty, and their favorite son,  Alec, seems like he's planning on making sure their dynasty lives on through his huge brood. Recently, he and his wife Hilaria welcomed their sixth child together. However, something doesn't add up because they announced the birth of their fifth less than six months ago! Here are all the details you need to know.

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We all know what it takes to make a baby, right? At least, we hope that you know perfectly well. You get a man and a woman, mix in with a whole lotta lovin', and then nine months later, you got yourself a healthy, happy baby. So how in the world did Alec and Hilaria manage to get two new-borns within a six-month gap? Read on to find out.

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Speaking of the Baldwin brood, or better yet - broods. There are a lot of them. We said that they're Hollywood royalty, and that's a fact. Alec and his brothers have worked their way up the Hollywood ladder and built their names up. The younger generations are doing mighty fine at keeping their name relevant too. Here's what we mean.

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On the topic of Alec alone, we can already establish that he has contributed so much to making the Baldwin name stick out of the masses. He's been able to transition himself from being just a handsome and talented actor to becoming a respected writer, director, and producer. Not bad for a kid from Amityville, New York. How he did it?

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He started as a young, aspiring actor on the set of The Doctors. He only appeared on a few episodes, but it was enough of a start to get his career going in the right direction. Before we talk more about our man Alec, let's not forget the other famous Baldwin brothers. Trust us. They're definitely worth mentioning.

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His siblings, William, Stephen, and Daniel, are also - can you guess? - actors. Each has varying degrees of success when it comes to their work, but one thing is for sure, they've all gotten famous along the way. TV shows, print media, commercials, and blockbuster films, you name it, and one of the Baldwin brothers has definitely been in it. Okay, so back to Alec.

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After his run on the NBC soap opera, Alec starred in Cutter to Houston, then found his way onto another daytime drama, Knots Landing, in the 1980s. He also took a stab at stage acting and was featured in a Broadway revival of Loot. Then came his film career, which is also pretty impressive. Just take a look.

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You'll know Alec Baldwin for older films like Beetlejuice, The Hunt for Red October, Malice, The Shadow. Films like Glengary Glen Ross gave him a reputation for being a solid and reliable actor - but just not as capable when it comes to being the leading man. Like his brothers, he'd dabble in different genres like action, comedy, and romance films. His work would be shotty at best, but then the 2000s came, and he reinvented himself.

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Back then, most if not all the Baldwin brothers had the reputation of being pretty boys who would get cast in so-so action films or be so-so romantic interests in a rom-com. Alec by far had the most success with blockbuster thrillers and dramas. Unfortunately, bigger roles were drying up for his siblings, and it would have happened to him, too, had he not done this.

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The 2000s saw Alec settle for more supporting roles in both big box office films and relatively experimental roles for the actor. This led him to really stretch his range. He would receive an Oscar nod for The Cooler. But no one really expected him to be as great as he was (and still is today) with comedy. Is he the master of comedy?

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We have no doubts that you know that Alec Baldwin is a great comedic actor, thanks to 30 Rock and stints with Saturday Night Live. His Trump impersonation is hailed as one of the best the sketch comedy show has ever seen. Who would've thought that a Baldwin of all people could pull off such a job? This also opened more doors for the actor to appear in amazing things.

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His venture into the world of comedy would prove to be a great move for the actor. Projects that came after joining 30 Rock in 2006 include The Departed, The Good Shepherd, Rock of Ages, a couple of Mission Impossible films, Blackklansman, and the critically acclaimed A Star is Born. He's also become a reliable figure for family-friendly projects too.

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Alec has voiced characters for kid-friendly and family-oriented films like Madagascar and The Boss Baby - which was a big hit. It's probably because he's a family man at heart. This brings us back to our main story - his family. As mentioned, the actor now shares six children with his wife, Hilaria. Here's more about her now.

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Alec's second wife, Hilaria, was known as Hilaria Lynn Thomas before she married the actor. She was born in Mallorca, Spain. Hilaria was born to a Spanish mother and an American father. As a young girl, she split her time living in both Spain and Boston. There was one thing she wanted to become when she grew up; it was to be a dancer. How did this work out?

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Hilaria studied both history and Dance at New York University. It was a sensible track for anyone aspiring to become a professional dancer, and New York was definitely the place to be for this. Sadly, life would have a funny and cruel way of telling her no. Past injuries and the grueling life of a performer ended up pushing Hilaria to give up her dream. Instead, she would find a new passion.

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She ended up founding her own studio "Yoga Vida." It didn't take long for her professionalism and prowess as an instructor to reward her efforts. The studio ended up being a very respectable place among yoga enthusiasts in New York City. So how did Hilaria and Alec meet? And why do they have such a huge family?

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We believe that since Alec is pretty much a veteran of romantic comedies, it only fits that his romance with his future wife should turn out life one. It comes as no surprise that when the actor talks about it, the event sounds extra romantic. That's an actor for you, we suppose. Here's Alec's version of things.

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For their eighth anniversary, Alec Baldwin posted on his Instagram a recounting of the day he met his future wife. In the post, he wrote that he and his friend were at a store, picking out some food and wine when "as I turned to my left I saw a woman who would change my life. Entirely." Such a romantic, right? Well, the missus has another way of telling the tale.

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While the actor tells his story like something out of a movie script, Mrs. Baldwin was pretty straight up about her man approached her. As she tells it, she was standing near the doorway of the store, and then Alec just went up to her, took her hand, and said the words, "I must know you." What a flair for the dramatics! He followed it up by giving her his card. Then things got a little weird.

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As smooth as that encounter might have sounded, Hilaria found that what came after was a series of mixed signals from the actor. Eventually, all the mixed signals made her question whether or not Alec's intentions with her were romantic at all. She told Mariska Hargitay that it took him six weeks before he even tried to kiss her! Why was it like this anyway?

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We can only assume that the Oscar-nominated actor just wanted to really take his time to get to know the woman he was falling in love with. Yes, the courtship stage of their life started pretty slow, but if you know anything about what happened after, you'll know that things started speeding up real quick for the two lovers!

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Hilaria also shared that within five months of officially dating, the couple had already made arrangements to start living together. Then Alec popped the big question. By June 2012, the two were married in New York City, and by August 2013, the two were already welcoming the first of their sizeable brood. Here's everything on their first few kids.

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Carmen Gabriela Baldwin was the first to be born from Alec and Hilaria's branch of the Baldwin clan. Next came Rafael Thomas Baldwin, born less than two years after back in June of 2015. The third was their second son, Leonardo Angel Charles Baldwin, who came into the world in September of 2016. It's looking like a new dynasty of Baldwin's are set to rule. Well, we're not done yet.

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Carrying on the name of the Baldwins is Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin - do they get more names the farther down the line they are? Anyway, he was born in May 2018. That leaves only two more children. But before we get to that, we have to talk about the roadblocks that got in the way of Hilaria and Alec's happiness. They were a couple of painful ones at that.

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Shaking off the negativity of 2019, the Baldwins finally gave us some great news - they were expecting baby number five in 2020! It was in April that Hilaria announced that she was pregnant yet again. This time, the baby's heartbeat was powerful. Good tidings were in the air. Could this child finally breakthrough?

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Naturally, in dramatic Baldwin fashion, Hilaria and Alec introduced a healthy boy named Eduardo Pao Lucas Baldwin. Their fifth child and fourth son. The Baldwin name is really going to live on strong through all these kids! Both the family and their fans were ecstatic at the news of the successful birth. And this is where things take a curveball - but a good one.

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Barely six months after the birth of their fifth child Edu, Hilaria, and Alec introduced to the world their sixth kid, daughter Lucia. We know what you're thinking; how is this even possible? What's going on with the Baldwins? Sufficient to say, the world was definitely blindsided by this news. The tabloids definitely had a field day.

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First of all, why all the secrecy? We can assume that the Baldwins had been hiding the truth about baby number six for at least nine months. Was Lucia adopted? Or did the beautiful baby Baldwin come via surrogate? So many rumors and so many theories are flooding the interwebs these days. The couple has yet to reveal anything. Here's what we think about it.

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It could be totally possible that after the two miscarriages that Hilaria had experienced, Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin became a little bit more cautious with their approach on how to have baby number five. They explored different ways to conceive or even welcome another beautiful baby into their world. Thus came alternative solutions.

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Whatever the case may be, it won't be the first time we'll hear of a celebrity couple who decided to adopt a child or have a child by way of surrogacy, right? What's important is that Hilaria and Alec overcame the pain and trauma of going through two miscarriages. What's more, it looks like they got exactly what they wanted. 

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The inclusion of baby Lucia into the Baldwin clan means that Hilaria and Alec now share four handsome young boys and two beautiful daughters. If their parents' world-class looks and pension for success is any indicator, these Baldwin kids are in for a bright future. Time will only tell if they will continue to dominate Hollywood or not. So Alec, how many kids does that make for you?

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It looks like the Baldwins have two beautiful and healthy children to make up for the loss of the two miscarriages. So, where does that leave Alec at? Is that child number six? Actually, it isn't. The real number of children that Alec Baldwin has is seven. That's right, all these beautiful little children he shares with Hilaria have an older sibling to look up to. Do you know who she is?

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Her name is Ireland Baldwin, and she's the daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and his ex-wife, Kim Basinger. The 25-year-old Ireland has a huge age gap with her younger half-siblings. This means that she's in a great position to see them all grow up and become their own individuals—the third wave of Hollywood's Baldwin family. 

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When Hilaria broke the news about their new baby girl on Instagram, she captioned the photo "7" and credited Alec as the person who shot the pic. Seven obviously stands for the seven children that Alec already has. Clearly, Hilaria has no problems seeing Ireland as part of their beautiful family. Doesn't that just warm your heart?

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What are your thoughts on Hilaria and Alec's surprise sixth baby? Are you as dumbfounded as most of the tabloids and fans are? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. If you enjoyed this story, you're sure to have a blast reading up on the interesting stories on your favorite stars and more on Amomedia!

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