Lisa Bonet Shares About Her Love For Jason Momoa

Mar 19, 2021Kara

Who does not love to know more about celebrity romances, right? Usually, for those who are fans of Hollywood couples, the long-lasting ones are the most admirable. Of course, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet belong on the power couple list. Get to know more about their love story as Lisa reveals what she loves about her husband.

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Still Going Strong

Jason and Lisa are one of the most adored couples in Hollywood in this era. They have been together for 15 years, and even up until now, they are still going forward and are sweeter than ever. Their love story is one of a kind, after all. Here's what happened decades ago… 

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Long-time Fan

Momoa revealed in his 2017 interview with James Corden that he was actually a big fan of his future wife even before they personally met. He first laid his eyes on her back in the late 1980s, and he was just 8 years old!  He even told his mom about her. Who could blame him? She was practically everyone's crush back then. There is more! 

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Love At First Sight

Guess where Jason saw Lisa first? It's on TV! He was watching the Cosby Show, and Lisa was starring as Denise Huxtable. The 8-year-old Momoa fell in love with her at first sight, and he was like, Mommy, I want that one. It wasn't until 2 decades later that he had the chance to meet her in person finally…

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The First Meeting

Thanks to a mutual friend, Jason was introduced to Lisa at a New York City Jazz Club in 2005. As he already had a huge crush on her ever since, of course, he was ecstatic! They even had matching dreadlocks that day as Jason intentionally donned it for the occasion. Fortunately, the first meeting went well…

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Perfect Timing

Momoa shared to Corden that they were at the right place and at the right time that night. He said that when he turned around he saw her and she casually said, "Hi, I'm Lisa." He admitted that fireworks were going off inside him, and all he could do was turn around to his friends and pretended to scream. Luckily, he was able to convince her to take him home... 

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It Started At A Café

It was revealed that the couple stopped at a café while they were on the way to the hotel where Momoa was staying, and they drank Guinness, which is his favorite, and they ate grits. That was it. The moment where it all seemed to start. They were inseparable since then…

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Love Came Big

When Lisa was interviewed by Porter Magazine back in 2018, she revealed that they had been together since the day they met because at that moment, love came to them, and it came big because Momoa did not run as she thinks lots of men do. The fruit of their love came two years later…

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Welcoming Lola

In July 2017, the couple had their first child, and she's named Lola. She was Jason's first daughter while she was Lisa's second child. She already had her first daughter with her ex-husband Lenny Kravitz whom she split from in 1993. But then, they were not bitter exes, and Jason loved Zoe…

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Jason And Lisa's First Child

Though Zoe, Lisa and Lenny Kravitz's daughter, is not Jason's flesh and blood, he treated her as if she's his own. They made multiple red-carpet appearances together, and their relationship is solid. They even have matching tattoos! Isn't that adorable? They also had a cute backstory…

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Meeting The New Dad

Zoe revealed in a rolling stone interview that when she met Momoa for the first time, she was just in high school, and he somehow ended up with her and her friends. Jason also told People that his stepdaughter is a beautiful human being. Another child also came to the family just a year after Lola…

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Wolf Completed The Family

The youngest child in the family, Nakoa-Wolf, was welcomed by the family in December 2008. Jason could not help but be proud of them, and he shared that it's real love to see his children grow, learn from them, and teach them. They created a beautiful blended family…

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Blended Family Bond

Bonet exclaimed that their blended family set-up is fantastic, and they have made it work. The relationship of the younger step-siblings to Zoe is also so tight that she even named her band "Lolawolf" After them. Even Lenny is close to both Momoa and Bonet. Not only do the husband and wife work perfectly together inside the home…

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Starring In Their First Film

Lisa and Jason are not only good at their parenting job, but they also starred in their own film that Jason himself wrote and directed. In Road to Paloma, he played a native American who runs from federal agents, and he has Lisa as his love interest. He said that directing his spouse is like nothing else…

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Working With Each Other

Momoa felt so honored to work with his wife, according to his interview with Collider. As they had to travel so far away from their families, having the chance to work together is already an awesome experience for them. They also starred in the TV series The Red Road, which is now available on Netflix. There is more. 

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Tying The Knot

It took Jason two decades to meet his future wife personally, and it also took them a decade before they finally married each other. It happened in October 2017, and they had a low-key ceremony at their home in California. Not much is known about the entire event…

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Intimate Wedding

Momoa said that their wedding should have stayed a secret if only the information were not leaked, and he said that by that time, he was already married to his wife for 12 years. The wedding was just a gathering of their families and a celebration of love. It was also said that traditional Maori Haka was performed for Bonet. They remain a happy couple…

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The Newlywed Feels

Just a month after their wedding, the two attended the Justice League premiere, and when they were asked on the red carpet if they still felt like newlyweds, Jason told E! News that they do." Oh yeah. Oh Yeah. If I weren't on camera right now, I would tell you. But oh yeah." Well, it's quite evident already. They even went to the Aquaman Premiere together…

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Aquaman's Family

Bonet and Momoa often avoid bringing their kids to red carpet events, but when Aquaman premiered, they made it a family affair. They posed for photos with their two children and Jason's mother, Coni. The couple has an unbreakable connection… Let's find out more. 

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The Couples Body Language

Whenever Momoa and Bonet would step together on red carpets or even just out in public, they make love look effortless. Even Dr. Jane Greer, a body language expert, analyzed their body language and tried to reveal what's really going on behind the scenes of the couple's life. Here's what she found…

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First Priority

Taken at the Game Of Thrones premiere was a head-on-head moment of the couple, and Greer said that it meant that Jason always tried to keep Lisa covered. Though she can do things her own, Jason is more than ready to be there for her whenever she needs it. Here's more proof of that…

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Jacket-less at The Golden Globes

Who could ever forget the time that Jason caused an absolute internet hysteria when he was caught in the Golden Globes ceremony only in a tank top and without his velvet Tom Ford Jacket. When he was asked the next day why he had to show off his biceps, he told the photographers that he needed to take care of his wife because it was cold in there. There's more…

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Genuine Look Of Love

Greer also found more discoveries as she observed the moments between Momoa and Benet. During the Oscars, they had a photo where they are gazing at each other deeply, and though it may only have been played for the cameras, according to Greer it was a genuine look of love. Here's what she said about it…

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Unbreakable Connection

According to a body language expert, that moment alone shows that the two have a deep connection, and she can tell from how they were standing chest to chest. Jason also had his hand on Lisas lower back, and he may have thought that it's hidden from the cameras. That Private affection alone was the real deal. They also showed that they don't shy away from PDA…

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No Matter Where, No Matter What

When a couple is in love with each other, they can't help but show affection. In one moment, they were captured in one frame together, and Jason was embracing Lisa from the back. According to Greer, it proves that he has taken it to himself to protect her. Even their family photo speaks as much…

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Romance With The Hunky Actor

In an interview with Porter Edit, Lisa got candid about their early days together and how the two of them came to love each other. She cannot help but praise her man because of his strong dedication to his family and career. She also reveals the things that made her love him more…

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Finding Her Alpha Male

Lisa said that the thing that's cool about the actor is that he's an alpha male who stands for love and his family. It also had something to do with her own wounds, as she had an absent father. According to her, it was really incredible to be fully met by a man with a stature such as Momoa. Her father's absence also impacted her choices in men… 

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Filling The Gap

For Lisa, whose primary male figure cared less to show up in her life, it became a theme for her to fill the gaps with different men. Well, now, she's found Momoa to be a leader, a generous man who makes the right use of power, responsibility, and work ethic, and we guess that it means she's lucky to have him. They are just perfect together… 

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The Oscars Outfit

If you see a photo of the couple when they attended the Oscars in matching dusty pink outfits, which Karl Lagerfeld designed for Fendi, you'll recall Momoa's quote when he was asked to describe his connection with Lisa. He said that they were just a perfect fit. Well, we really think so too! He even has a sweet nickname for her… 

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What He Calls Her

In October 2019, Jason was interviewed by Esquire, and he did not hesitate to refer to his wife as a goddess. He also made a clear statement about their family dynamics as they discussed whether or not their family would adopt a new dog. He then said that it's up to mama because mama is the boss. Yep, definitely swoon-worthy. They have more lovely moments…

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Super Bowl Ad Cameo

Have you noticed how Jason Momoa teased his fans on Instagram with some clips of him in the bubble bath while reading romance novels a week before Super Bowl 2020? Well, it's because he had a commercial during the game where his wife made a quick appearance at the end. It was such a cute moment. But it wasn't always a walk in the park for them...

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Slow Success

Before Aquaman happened, the actor's career had been a slow burn. He said that his family was starving and, as he has told Instyle, he could not get any work. His character in Game Of Thrones was also killed off even before the show became a hit. He and Lisa experienced financial difficulties… 

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Challenges and Expenses

The couple struggled to cover the house's expenses that they are sharing with their kids, and he stated that it is very challenging when you have babies and is completely in debt. But then, as he has said, nothing is impossible, so as a couple and a family, they persevered...

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Things changed for the couple, and their situation improved after he starred in Justice League in 2018. Not only that, but he has become a household name after he starred in the titular role in Aquaman in 2018. Now, he's completely booked through 2024, as reported by InStyle. Still curious? 

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No TV In The House

Lisa and Jason are so in touch with nature that they even take their children outdoors most of the time. They don't also allow the television to be a part of their home. They want their kids to know their surroundings constantly, and their kids prefer to be outside. Family is always their priority...

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Family Comes First

For Jason, he is extremely grateful for all the opportunities that Hollywood has opened to him, but he's always going to be a family man. He said that his priority was to put food on their table and be there for his kids as a father. He is not shy to put his kids in the spotlight, though…

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Comfortable In The Spotlight

The couple said that they want their children to be comfortable in the spotlight. Maybe they have plans also to let their children follow in their footsteps. It's also how it was for Lisa when she was young. Their kids are usually with them on red carpets and in their IG feeds. But then, that doesn't mean that they're not protective… 

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Overprotective Dad

Jason is extremely overprotective of his family, not only with his children but also with his parents and all those closest to him. He said that he is a father, a son, and a grandson, and if anyone messes with his family, and if the law didn't care about it, he does not know what he could do. It does not matter if his wife is older than him…

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The Couple's Age Gap

Jason and Lisa seem to live by the motto that age is nothing but a number because the actress is around 12 years older than Jason. It still doesn't matter as it's normal at this age and their love is the most important thing. There is also an advice that Jason lives by…

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Holding His Woman

Jason surely knows how to treat his wife right as he is following certain advice that he also shared with People Magazine. He said that he thinks a man needs to be a man and hold a woman the way she wants to be held. "Just do whatever your woman wants, and you'll be fine." They trust each other a lot…

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Complete Trust

When you are a couple that usually works with different gorgeous people, trust is essential. But then, it has never been a problem for the couple. Come to think of it, even though Lenny is still close to Lisa, Jason is cool with it. They are also proof that opposites do attract...

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Working On The Differences

Jason and Lisa seem to have many things in common, but they also have lots of differences. While Jason is very energetic and outgoing, Lisa is more reserved. She even only gives rare interviews. She told Porter Edit that even though she started in acting, it's not really her passion. But here's what they have in common…

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The Balance 

The opposing characteristics of the couple are balanced by the common things that bind them. They are both creative people. They are both known as kind and loving people, and they also share the same plans for raising their kids. They also usually surprise each other…

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The Surprise That Took Years

One time, Jason was filming for Aquaman, and Lisa surprised him by bringing many of his favorite people. He surprised her back just recently. He restored her 1965 Ford mustang and documented the big reveal on his YouTube channel, which he uses as a vehicle sometimes to share his personal and family life. 

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Jason and Lisa's story really proves that nothing is impossible in a relationship if two people work hard to keep it afloat. As they continue to work hard for their love for each other, we can't help but wish them luck for the future years to come. What do you think about their story? Leave us a comment to let us know! 

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