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Mar 19, 2021Peter File

There are only a few artists in Hollywood who can live up to the name of Clint Eastwood. From working with Sergio Leone on The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly, to starring in one of the most classic cop franchise as Dirty Harry. Clint Eastwood has had a prolific career and he's still going strong - this man is nothing short of a legend. However, do you know anything about his family? Do you know that a lot of his kids also followed in his footsteps? Now let's meet all seven of Clint Eastwood's kids. 

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The Legend 

Well, if you clicked on this article you probably know a thing or two about Clint Eastwood, but let us give you a quick introduction still. Born on May 31, 1930, at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, Clint Eastwood is also a descendant of William Bradford, tracing his root all the way back to the Mayflower. Yup, it appears that this man was born a legend. Would you like to know more interesting facts about Clint Eastwood? 

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Time in the Army 

Now, this is something that some of you might have heard or guessed already, but Clint Eastwood also spent some time in the military - though not in a way you would expect. While he was drafted into the Army during the Korean War, he did not see combat - instead, he was serving as a lifeguard at Fort Ord in northern California. Not too exciting here, but as it often does, life always has something special in store. 

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Getting into the Show Business

Like many other stars of his generation, Clint Eastwood didn't just become a star in one day - in fact, it wasn't smooth sailing at all. While he was spotted by agents due to his athletic built and staggering height (6'4, to be precise), he couldn't act at the beginning - but funny enough, the fact that he would always deliver his speech through his teeth actually became a trademark of his, recognizable all over the world. 

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Why is Clint Eastwood a Legend?

Well, that's a very good question actually. Sure, Clint Eastwood is a famous actor and director - but so are many others. So, why is Clint Eastwood regarded as a legend? Many things actually. Of course, one of the biggest moments would be his role in Sergio Leone's The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly, a movie that defines an entire genre. It didn't just stop there, of course. 

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Dirty Harry 

Another highlight of Eastwood's career would be Dirty Harry - a police detective anti-hero that Eastwood portrayed in numerous movies. It is difficult to explain the cultural significance of this movie in a single paragraph, but we are glad that someone actually wrote an essay on it. The movie was released back in 1971 - so why is Clint Eastwood still relevant? Why are we still talking about him? 

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A Prolific Career

Clint Eastwood became famous as an actor - but he didn't stop there. After gaining success as an actor he made his way to the director chair, directing and producing numerous movies over the last few decades, such as The Bridges of Madison County and Gran Torino, two memorable movies in their own regards; and of course, war epics such as Letters from Iwo Jima and Flags of Our Fathers. Now that you understand how Clint Eastwood became a cinema legend - what about his family life? 

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Numerous Relationships 

Over the last few decades, Clint Eastwood has had numerous romantic relationships, both casual and serious ones that brought him numerous children - which is the focus of our article today. And when it comes to his romantic relationships - boy, you're in for a ride. 

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First Wife and First Daughter 

Guess what, his first daughter didn't even come from his first marriage - Shortly after he met his future wife Maggie Johnson in the 50s, he fathered his first daughter, Laurie, with a different woman. The identity of Laurie's mother remains anonymous, though rumor has it that it was someone from a theatre group Eastwood participated in. What's more - Clint Eastwood had no idea of the existence of Laurie until decades later. 

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Laurie Murray

That brings us to Laurie Murray, the oldest child of Clint Eastwood. Laurie was adopted when she was a child, and she had no idea who her real parents were - for her whole life she had been looking for her real biological parents, and this journey came to a dramatic turn when she discovered that her father was Clint Eastwood three decades later! 

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An Intriguing Tale 

Nothing much is known about Laurie Murray or her biological mother for that matter. From what we can gather so far, Clint Eastwood fathered Laurie back in the 50s without him even knowing about it - it was only decades later when Laurie found her birth records that she realized Clint Eastwood was her father. Imagine the surprise! When Laurie got in touch with Clint Eastwood decades later though, he was surprised but extremely receptive at the same time. 

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A Long-Awaited Reunion 

It took her a long time to get in touch with Eastwood regarding her identity - by the time she reached out to Eastwood, she was already 64 years old. While a lot of people would be skeptical should they be in Eastwood's position, it was said that Laurie came from a somewhat affluent background and that she wasn't looking for fame or anything - it was simply a wish to meet her real father, and Clint Eastwood had since been more than welcome regarding this long-awaited reunion. 

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Remained Close 

Despite the fact that they weren't able to spend all those years together, they managed to catch up on the lost times - Laurie and Clint Eastwood had been very close since the reunion, where Eastwood even brought her to the 2004 Oscars, where she was pictured on the red carpet. Okay, enough with Laurie here - what about his other relationships and children? 

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Kimber Eastwood 

But Laurie wasn't the only daughter he has outside of marriage - when he was married to Maggie Johnson, he also had numerous affairs. One of which produced Kimber, from his relationship with stuntwoman Roxanne Tunis. Kimber is the second oldest child of Eastwood, and like her father, she also got into the show business. 

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Kimber Eastwood in Hollywood

Similar to Laurie, Kimber is also an illegitimate daughter of Clint Eastwood's - however, unlike Laurie, Kimber was aware of this fact the day she was born, as the birth certificate listed Clint Eastwood as her father. While she's not as famous as her other siblings, Kimber too has had a fruitful career in the show business, starring in movies such as The Freeway Maniac and BSA Live. She also produced various shows including The Dreamfactory that came out in 2020. Now, let's move on to other children of Clint Eastwood's - his legitimate children. 

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Clint Eastwood's First Marriage 

As we briefly mentioned above, Clint Eastwood's first marriage was with Maggie Johnson, who tolerated her open marriage with Eastwood. They were married in 1953 and their marriage lasted until 1984. During their three decades of marriage, they parented two children - Kyle and Alison Eastwood. 

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Kyle Eastwood

Kyle Eastwood is the oldest son of Clint Eastwood, and he also happens to be his first legitimate child. Born in 1968, Kyle bears a striking resemblance to his father, most notably in his facial contour and of course, his eyes. While Kyle, like his siblings, had his stint as an actor, he chose a somewhat different path - a very interesting path, actually. 

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Jazz Musician 

This might come as a surprise to you, but Clint Eastwood and his first wife, Maggie Johnson, were both fans of jazz - therefore it comes as no surprise that Kyle grew up listening to jazz legends such as Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk. All these eventually brought him to a career in music - specifically as a jazz musician. 

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Jazz Career 

Kyle started playing bass at a young age - after studying with renowned French bassist Bunny Brunel, he went on to play gigs in New York City and Los Angeles, both on the east coast and west coast. He released his first album, From There to Here, in 1998. But apart from his own jazz work, he also worked with his father on numerous movies, contributing music to movies such as Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima. What about his sister then? 

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Alison Eastwood 

Born in 1972, Alison Eastwood is the younger sister of Kyle Eastwood and the second legitimate child of Clint Eastwood. Being the daughter of Clint Eastwood, it is no surprise that she started her acting career at a very young age - one of her very first screen appearances took place when she was just seven, in a movie called Bronco Billy, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood - but that was just the beginning. 

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A Diverse Career 

Alison also has a very diversified career in the show business - while she first started out as an actress, similar to her father when he was young - she was even nominated for a Young Artist Award for her appearance in Tightrope back in 1985. Though she started out as an actress, she also worked as a model around the same time. 

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If you are to be a model, where would you go for that? That's right, Paris. When Alison was working as a model she was located in Paris for quite some time, working as both a runway and magazine model, even posing for renowned magazines such as Vogue. But her root came calling as she returned to the movie industry - but not only as an actress. 

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Back to the Movie Industry

Throughout the late 90s and much of the 2000s, Alison Eastwood was a pretty active actress, starring in numerous movies including Midnight in the Garden of Good and EvilThe Lost Angel, and Absolute Power. But that's not it - in 2007 she also made her directorial debut, Rails & Ties, starring Kevin Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden. Outside of the movie industry, she also founded her own clothing line, Eastwood Ranch Apparel. Okay, so far we covered half of Clint Eastwood's (known) kids, what about the other half? 

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Scott Eastwood 

Perhaps one of the most prominent among his kids, Scott Eastwood is perhaps one of the most active in the movie industry among all his other siblings, and you might recognize him in the movies he starred in not because of his father, but his own acting talents. But unlike Kyle and Alison, Scott actually came from an illegitimate relationship. 

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Scott Clinton Reeves

Born Scott Clinton Reeves in Monterey, California in 1986, he is the son of Clint Eastwood and flight attendant, Jacelyn Reeves. He also has a younger sister born two years later. As opposed to popular beliefs, he didn't start out using the name Scott Eastwood - he actually used his given last name, Reeves, at the beginning of his career. 

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Avoiding Nepotism 

With your father being Clint Eastwood, having the same last name can certainly open a lot of doors for you - but not for Scott, and he tried his best to avoid nepotism, and that's perhaps one of the reasons why he's so recognizable. While he did star in a lot of his father's movies, including Gran Torino and Invictus, his acting career didn't just stop there. 

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Forging His Own Path

While he did star in some of his father's movies, Scott is a recognizable actor himself and took part in various movies over the years without his father's influence. He starred in 2018's Pacific Rim: Uprising, for example, as well as 2016's Suicide Squad. What about his younger sister then? Did she become an actress as well? 

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Kathryn Eastwood

Kathryn Eastwood was born to Clint Eastwood and flight attendant Jacelyn Reeves, two years after Scott Eastwood was born. Though she also followed in her father's footsteps in becoming an actress, she is not as famous and recognizable as Scott Eastwood. So, what exactly does she do? 

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As An Actress

Unlike her other siblings, Kathryn was not as active in the movie industry with only eight acting credits under her name. Starting from 2014, she only appeared in eight movies, including Jersey BoysVirus of the Dead, and American Virus - a lot of zombie movies on her resume, actually. All in all, nothing much is known about her. Now, what about the remaining kids then? 

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Francesca Eastwood

Another face you might have recognized in various movies who happened to be another one of Clint Eastwood's kids. Francesca Eastwood was born in 1993 to Clint Eastwood and actress Frances Fisher. It might not come as a surprise anymore but guess what, her parents never got married either.

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As An Actress

At just 27 years of age at the time of writing, Francesca Eastwood has been quite a prolific actress, with 22 acting credits under her name, even including Miss Golden Globe Award back in 2013. Some of her more notable performances included Awake and Outlaws and Angels, unrelated to her father's works. But that's not the only interesting thing about her. 

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Personal Relationships 

At the time of writing, Francesca married twice already - with her first marriage only lasted for eight days, if it even started at all. Yup, just eight days. In 2013, she was briefly married to Jordan Feldstein, brother of Jonah Hill and the manager of Maroon 5. However, they annulled their marriage just a week after their wedding. A brief marriage indeed, and we honestly have no idea what happened there. Now, let's move to the last of Clint Eastwood's known kids. 

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Morgan Eastwood

The youngest kid of Clint Eastwood, or that we know of anyway. Morgan Eastwood came from Clint Eastwood's last marriage with news anchor Dina Ruiz - they were married in 1996, the same year Morgan was born, and their marriage lasted until 2013. Unlike her other siblings though, Morgan managed to have a pretty normal life the day she was born. 

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A Normal Life 

Perhaps being a kid from a legitimate marriage does have its perks. Morgan led a pretty peaceful life throughout the last two decades, and unlike her other siblings, she didn't really pursue a career in acting. Her only screen appearances to date are minor roles in Clint Eastwood's movies such as girl on a tricycle in the film Changeling. Lastly, we have one interesting fact for you. 

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Age Differences 

By now maybe you have realized the tremendous age difference between Clint Eastwood and his youngest child. Clint Eastwood was born in 1930, while his youngest child, Morgan, was born in 1996 - that makes a staggering 66 years of age difference! Not only that, but Clint Eastwood is also 14 years older than her maternal grandfather. Can you believe that?

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Well, that's all we know about Clint Eastwood's eight children for now. Who knows, maybe there are more out there that we are unaware of, given Clint Eastwood's history of turbulent relationships. Of the eight kids known thus far, which one do you find the most interesting? Do you think there are actually more of them out there? If you found this interesting, why not share it with your friends and family as well? 

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