This Is Us Cast’s Real-Life Partners And Net Worth

Feb 03, 2020Kate Korni

The last episode of This Is Us season 4 aired on March 24. As always, fans were excited to see how their favorite characters are doing and what's going on in their lives. But what about the lives of the cast members who portray them? Who is married and who is single? Which happy couple has climbed the Kilimanjaro mountain together?

Do you know who from the cast had the easiest road to success? How much do Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy, and other actors earn per episode? Who was extremely poor and had only 81 cents in their bank account before the series? And finally - who is the richest star in The Pearsons family? Let's find out all the answers in this article!

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Justin Hartley aka Kevin Pearson ($7 million)

Though his character on NBC’s show is full of troubles, Justin Hartley himself is living a much happier and stable life. Well, almost... It would be 100% true if we ignored his divorce after 8 years of being married.

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Yep, he had been in a deep and long-term relationship with actress Lindsay Korman, who he worked together on the set of the soap opera “Passions”. Their marriage started in 2004 and in the same year, their beautiful daughter Isabelle was born.

Everything seemed perfect but that didn't last too long as the couple, unfortunately, filed for a divorce in 2012. No one knows for sure why the couple broke up. But, it’s been said that Lindsay Korman initiated the whole thing and that they both were tired of citing “irreconcilable differences”...

It sounds really sad. But luckily for the actor, he met the actress Chrishell Stause, soon after. After two years they got engaged and soon after that they got married in what we can only describe as super sweet and touching.

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Even the cast of This Is Us were all present there: Sterling K. Brown, Mandy Moore, and Milo Ventimiglia - all of them were invited to the super intimate wedding ceremony. The happy couple reported their wedding as “magical” and “everything we wanted”.

“It’s a special thing, isn’t it, that when you find that one person - and it sounds so cheesy. But when you meet that one person, you realize like What the hell have I been doing my whole life?” - shared Justin.

Unfortunately, after two years of marriage with Stause, Hartley has filed for divorce. According to the media, the reason for such a decision is irreconcilable variations. There is no information about the new love interest of the actor. And at the beginning of January 2020, the actor visited the Critics’ Choice Awards. He was accompanied by his only child - his daughter Isabella, 15. 

And what about Justin Hartley’s net worth? For each episode of season 1, he received $40 000, for season 2 his payment increased to $125 000 and it doubled in season 3! His total net worth is $7 million and there are still lots of This Is Us episodes to go! Not bad for an actor who started playing in soap operas, huh? 

Hartley’s first big appearance was in the TV show called Passions between 2002 and 2006. His later career included more soap operas and some well-known TV shows including Emily Owens M.D., Mistresses, and Smallville.

All of his acting experiences seemed to lead Hartley to his most famous role so far - Kevin Pearson. Hartley’s career reminds us a little of his character’s career - a long and hard way to success.

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Sterling K. Brown aka Randall Pearson ($10 million)

The actor has been living a happy life with his beautiful wife, the actress Ryan Michelle Bathe. For almost thirteen years! Plus - they dated for four years before, broke up, and then a few years later got married. Read on to learn some more mind-blowing facts! 

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Same as Brown’s character in the show, he met his soulmate in college and being specific - at Stanford University. And not only were they studying in the same place, but they were born in the same city and even in the same hospital!!! Can you imagine that big of a coincidence? Surely this counts as "a predestined love", do you agree?

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Another unexpected fact about Ryan Michelle Bathe is that she has actually appeared in This Is Us as well. But only the most attentive fans have managed to spot her in the show: in a flashback scene of the episode “The Pool”, she played the role of the mother of young Randall Pearson’s playmate. Pretty episodic but still... She was there, right? 

She also appeared in two more episodes - “Career Days” and “The Trip”, but strangely enough she and Brown never appeared together in any scenes. The couple now has two sons and everyone in the family seems to be really happy. So... maybe not-working-together is the key to a successful marriage? Who knows? But just in case it is let's make a note of that!

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Sterling K. Brown has earned his first Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series for the “American Crime Stories” in 2016. And a year after that, he received his second Emmy and first Golden Globe for portraying his character in “This Is Us”. The question is - did any of that help him multiply his net worth? Sure thing!

For the very first season of the show, Brown received only $75 000 per episode and for season 3 his payment was increased to $250 000 per episode! And that's $4.5 million for the only season 3! Pretty impressive growth for just a couple of years, isn’t it? 

Let’s also not forget Brown’s other great projects that have added some great charges to his net worth - roles in influential movies and shows such as Black Panther, Supernatural, Army Wives, and Predator 2018. So what is Sterling K. Brown’s total income currently? According to Celebrity Net Worth, it's $10 million! 

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Chrissy Metz aka Kate Pearson ($7 million)

And here comes another kid from the Big Three! No, she's not dating Chris Sullivan in real life, and no, her love story isn't as happy as the actors who play her on-screen siblings. Chrissy Metz’s dating history is full of unexpected and, unfortunately, not very successful twists. She’s been previously married to a British screenwriter Martyn Eaden. Interestingly, they met online!

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She created her account in 2006 and soon enough after that, she met her ex-lover and husband. They got married two years later at the Santa Barbara courthouse. Everything was going smoothly for an entire 7 years until things fell apart in 2015. And nobody knows how or why!

Interestingly, Metz revealed she doesn’t have any hard feelings towards her ex and that they’ve managed to stay good friends: "I am still working on my goal of being a better ex-wife than I was wife. Marty is such a great guy and I am grateful that we had our time together."

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After that, she met another partner on the set of This Is Us. The actress dated the show’s cameraman Josh Stancil. Their romance started as they were shooting the very first season and, surprisingly enough, they were both ready to do something really crazy... They wanted to... run away!

They were ready to quit the show so that their relationship wouldn't get ruined because of them working at the same place. But their romance, unfortunately, didn’t last for long - they broke up sometime after and Stancil moved to another project.

Do you think maybe Stancil was uncomfortable with filming her love scenes with Chris Sullivan? Admit it - It wouldn't be a pleasant activity for the cameraman at all. But according to Metz, this wasn’t the issue.

She said that they even laughed at the whole situation and that it wasn’t a thing for them at all. Metz has stated a couple of times in her interviews that she always remains friends with all of her exes. Which is a cool thing, right?

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In November 2018, Metz went public with her new boyfriend - 25-year-old composer Hal Rosenfeld. The two of them even made their red carpet debut at the 2019 Golden Globes! But it seems, the couple, unfortunately, split up, and these days it’s unclear whether Metz is dating someone new.  

Chrissy Metz’s success is quite complicated. Watching their favorite celebrities fans often think that they’ve enjoyed the good life from the very beginning. But the truth is - a certain amount of luck is strongly needed for it, and Metz was the one who didn’t have much of that for a long time…

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She revealed to Hollywood Reporter that she worked as a fast-food employee, as a nanny, a junior talent agent and many more other jobs in order to make ends meet. “I came out to Hollywood to be an actress, but I needed to pay the bills,” she said in her interview.

Her position as a talent agent was especially challenging because she tried to get roles while helping other actors get auditions. She said in her interview to NPR that it was as hard as watching her boyfriend taking another woman out. 

"...every day and everybody’s going on auditions and you’re like, “Yeah, great, have fun.” And I ate my feelings and I was depressed. But I also know that we’re here to be of service. And if I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, I could at least help people do what they wanted to do."


Later she got a role in the 4th season of American Horror Story - she played Ima “Barbara” Wiggles. The role that she wanted so desperately… And for some time it seemed to her that it was a jumping board for her career. But... nothing was happening after that.

Chrissy Metz was so depressed that she was ready to move back to Florida It was her mother who gave her the support she needed. Her Mom told her: “You can either be miserable here and not pursue your dreams, or you can be miserable in LA and at least pursue what you want.”

And that’s how Chrissy Metz stayed in LA. Extremely poor and almost hopeless. She kept auditioning with no savings and no money. She became unemployed, bought ramen noodles at dollar stores and who knows what could have happened if her mother, friends, and roommates did not support her.

Everybody around here was ready to help - with food, money, and even with rehearsing lines together for her auditions. And surprisingly enough right at the moment when she had 81 cents left in her bank account she was accepted for This Is Us… And another chapter of her life has started - a beautiful one this time. 

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Susan Kelechi Watson aka Beth Pearson ($? million)

Well, Susan Kelechi Watson - she's been a true mystery for her fans for a while now! The actress keeps her intimate life as private as possible (and we can't blame her for that!). And it was discovered just a view weeks ago that... finally, Susan Kelechi Watson has got engaged!

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This was her Instagram post that revealed the incredible news. "Forever Ever" she captioned in the heading right above a beautiful poem addressed to the actor Jaime Lincoln Smith. Susan also shared two photos of her engagement ring with a massive diamond on it.

It was revealed that the proposal took place at the Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes in California. Since Watson is super-private about her relationships, it's completely unclear when she and Jaime started dating.

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The couple was spotted together a few times at a few red carpet events, but that's it! So we guess we should just be happy that she's having a great time in a relationship filled with love and understanding.

Watson’s net worth is officially unknown. It’s been said by Hitberry that she earned $40-60 thousand per episode of This Is Us. And since she has more than 35 acting credits and has appeared in such shows as Third Watch, Louie, The Following, The Blacklist, and many more we can be sure she’s doing pretty great. 

Despite her interest in acting Susan Kelechi Watson is also a big fan of interior design. A few years ago she bought an apartment where she could practice all her designing skills. 'Afro-centric chic meets minimalist glam' - this is how she calls the style of her house.

“When I walk in and shut the door behind me, I want it to feel like my oasis - a place to work, play, and rest.” - says Susan Kelechi Watson. And indeed, looking at her house, it seems that she managed to achieve her goal - she has created her own oasis.

Chris Sullivan aka Toby ($500,000)

If you were wondering why Chris Sullivan appears in bright and eccentric costumes on the red carpet and, more important, who is this gorgeous woman next to him then you’ve missed a thing! Yes, Chris Sullivan has found the lady of his heart.

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The couple has been living happily together for 9 years and you can see how close they are even just looking at the style of their dress. For sure his wife producer Rachel Reichard knows how to be fancy as well. Just look how perfect they look together!

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“We’re trying to have a little fun!” - Sullivan said when he was caught on the red carpet, holding his old-school walking-stick and wearing topper and snazzy bow tie. 

And this year is going to be really amazing for Chris and his wife. Do you know why? Because the couple is expecting their first child together! “WE’RE HAVING OUR FIRST BABY! And we just found out the sex. Swipe through for the gender reveal! @therealrachelsullivan”, - shared Sullivan on Instagram.

Talking about Chris Sullivan, his net worth is believed to be $500 thousand. He hasn’t been around the Hollywood industry for a long time. He appeared for the very first time on-screen only in 2006. North Starr, Elementary, The Americans, and of course Stranger Things - are his most famous roles.

And if you can’t remember him in the Netflix biggest hit, then check out the first two episodes of Stranger Things - that’s when Chris Sullivan starred with Millie Bobby Brown.

Mandy Moore aka Rebecca Pearson ($10 million)

And here comes Pearson’s mother! She has actually been married in real life. Twice. No, none of them are to Milo Ventimiglia. And yes she had some hard times in her relationship as almost everybody from the set. 

Of course, we’re talking about her first marriage to a musician Ryan Adams. They started dating in 2009 and they were together for more than 6 years. According to Mandy Moore, that period ended up being really draining...

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"I was living my life for him," Moore said on WTF. "I had no sense of self. I felt like I was drowning. It was so untenable and unsustainable and it was so lonely."

And this wasn’t her only interview about how hard her life with Adams was. She revealed sometime later to Bustle that particular period was heavy, dark and confusing. She felt like there was no room for her in the relationship. The two broke up in 2015 and Mandy Moore started her new life with a new man. But do you know what remained the same for her? Her passion for music.

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Mandy Moore doesn't only have an impressive acting career - her fans know her as an outstanding singer as well. And Moore's love for music can be seen by the type of men that she chooses - her new husband Taylor Goldsmith is also a musician.

In 2018 they had one of those magical private wedding ceremonies with only close friends and family in attendance. However, for those of you who are very curious, you can find some really nice photos of their big day on Instagram.

"He makes me melt. I can imagine no better partner," Moore told Glamour. "He's going to be the most tremendous father.”

Here’s a small but pretty cool and crazy fact for you - Mandy and Taylor even hiked Kilimanjaro National Park together in August 2018! It took them 7 days to get to the very top of the highest mountain in Africa.

Well, that looks like a great start for their relationship, doesn't it? By the way, just one year after, Moore and her friends went to Nepal where they reached Mount Everest's base camp. 

And before we get to the father of Pearson family, let’s find out how rich Mandy Moore is. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her savings are just as big as Sterling Kelby Brown’s - about $10 million. Her role in This Is Us has earned her a lot of awards and nominations including the Golden Globe and Emmy.

And if you compare her career path with Chrissy Metz you will see that they are a complete antithesis. The thing is - Mandy Moore’s way to success was a unique and very fairy-tale likely. Just listen to this: as a young girl her favorite thing was singing. She didn’t think she had the aspiration to be a star growing up.

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Little Mandy just loved Madonna and Bette Midler, and she had her karaoke machine to sing their songs all the time. And once upon a time, Moore was overheard singing by a FedEx delivery person Victor Cade, who gave her demo to his friend - a guy from Sony Music.

Could you imagine such luck?! And the rest is history... - a huge success in the 90s pop-music industry, 6 studio albums,an impressive acting career and as a result - Mandy Moore was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2019.

Milo Ventimiglia aka Jack Pearson ($12 million)

This is the only actor from This Is Us male cast who has never been married. Yes, you read correctly. Milo has never been married. He’s 42, he’s good looking, he has a pretty impressive list of ex-partners, but for some reason, he’s never been married! And it’s unclear why.

But there is one thing we can be 100% sure of. Milo Ventimiglia likes to keep his life private, especially after the pressure he felt from the press while he was dating his Gilmore Girls' co-star Alexis Bledel. Their romance lasted for 4 years and they weren’t afraid to share its details publicly. 

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A pretty similar situation happened with Milo's next romance with another co-star from the series called Heroes - Hayden Panettiere. And that's when Milo learned to keep his personal life private… The reason for that was the pretty big age gap between him and Hayden - she was only 18, while he was 30.

Of course, that brought a lot of unneeded public attention because people always have an opinion on who should and who shouldn't date. So after that case, Milo Ventimiglia promised himself that he'd be as quiet as possible about all of his relationships.

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For now, we only know that he’s been dating Kelly Egarian for some time, who is a marketing coordinator for a famous fashion designer. And it’s pretty unclear what their relationship status is right now. The couple was only spotted together at the 2017 Emmys and they are rumored to be really close to each other even today. 

Last year Milo was also spotted with actress Diane Guerrero whom you may know as inmate Maritza Ramos on the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black. The two had lunch together. Anyway, it’s told that Milo and Diane are just friends. 

Before Ventimiglia’s success at This Is Us you might have seen him over these past 18 years in shows like Sabrina, Heroes, The Teenage Witch and Gilmore Girls, of course. He wasn’t only famous for being on TV series but he also played Rocky Balboa’s son and Chad in That’s My Boy. So Milo Ventimiglia has been in the industry for a pretty long time. 

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According to Best Life Pro, his income is approximately $12 million which makes him the richest actor from This Is Us cast. And his price per episode in This Is Us starting from season 3 was $250 000. Attentive viewers have probably noticed that every main actor from the cast has received this particular sum - $250 000 per each episode in season 3.

Is that just a coincidence? Not really… We all know money can cause family problems and the producers from NBS didn't want any of that “This Is Us” stars’ earned equal bonuses from the studios in 2017 - $250 000. Plus a massive payment raise in season 3. Who knows what their income will be after season 4? Or season 5?

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